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Residential and Commercial Cleaning

Tulip Cleaning Services (AKA:Carpet Cleaning Burbank) is your local go to cleaning crew in Burbank, California. For over 10 years we have been cleaning homes and offices in the area and have serviced countless car and boat upholstery, restored a multitude of water damaged homes, and have even helped a number of allergy sufferers find relief by addressing key allergy inducers in their homes and offices.

There are many areas of both residential and commercial spaces which require intermittent cleaning. Carpets, for example, begin to appear dull and worn out when their fibers are bogged down by bacteria and allergens. A healthy carpet can serve as a filter for indoor air by trapping various air pollutants which cause respiratory problems. It is easy to tell when a carpet's bacteria need to be removed because a carpet will appear worn out and will emanate an unfresh odor.

Air ducts and upholstery are also subject to indoor air pollution and host a variety of bacteria and allergens. Like carpet, air ducts and upholstery also have a limited amount of space for such pathogens and when the amount exceeds their availability, air ducts begin to operate sub par and upholstery begins to lose its durability and shine.

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Other Awesome Services

Rugs, tile and grout, and wood floors are just some of the many other cleaning services Carpet Cleaning Burbank performs every day of the week. We have chosen these services in particular because each of them is associated with many potentially disastrous DIY techniques and unfortunate disinformation readily available online. While we are more than happy to repair a DIY attempt gone wrong, we receive more pleasure helping you to avoid those mistakes in the first place.

Our Hours

In order to meet all of our clientele's needs we remain open 7 days a week from 8am-8pm, including on holidays and for emergency services. Our customer service staff is happy to assist you with any questions and to provide you with a free over the phone price estimate on any of our services in Burbank.

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